We are preparing our nomination to the International Conference ICBEST 2020 Santiago de Chile

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///News & events, ICBEST 2020 Candidate City Santiago de Chile, March-April 2018.

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The P. Universidad Católica de Chile, with the support of prestigious universities and international institutions, is preparing a nomination to organize the International Conference ICBEST 2020, in its next version in Santiago de Chile in the year 2020.

ICBEST, International Conference on Building Envelope Systems and Technologies, is a global forum for architecture and engineering applied to sustainability and efficiency in buildings, and provides a platform for information exchange, networking and debates on recent developments and their application. Previous versions have taken place in several cities around the world, the most recent of them in Istanbul (http://www.icbestistanbul.com/).

In this version, the aim of the conference is to showcase and discuss Chile’s recent booming development in innovation and research in architecture, engineering and energy. The scope of this initiative is to integrate the scientific, academic, public and private actors, including topics of national and international relevance of high impact in our future development.

We intend to approach these topics related to architecture, engineering and energy from a multiscale perspective, taking into account different points of view to contribute on the discussions about energy and sustainability, ranging from planning to materials.


Preparation Meeting ICBEST 2020 Candidate City Santiago de Chile

In this context, we organized a “Thematic Breakfast” to present our application draft of the ICBEST 2020 Conference. This was an activity developed by the Architecture and Facades Study Group (GEAF UC) in collaboration with the Anacleto Angelini UC Innovation Center. The event took place at the Executive Auditorium of the Innovation Center on Thursday, March 22 at 8:30 am. The activity was attended by guests and partners of GEAF UC and the Anacleto Angelini UC Innovation Center, including members of the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, the Chilean Union of Architects, Chilean Energy Efficiency Agency, Fraunhofer Chile, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), and Center of Energy UC, and the companies Sika, CMPC, Oppici, Lirquén and Archdaily. It was an activity of information, knowledge exchange and discussion that dealt with the topics, expectations and impact that the ICBEST 2020 Congress is expected to achieve.

During this activity, Renato D’Alençon, professor at the UC School of Architecture and member of GEAF UC, presented the conference. Later, our international guest, Daniel Korwan, presented his vision on the impact and interest of this conference being held in Chile. Finally Myriam Molina, Program Coordinator of the UC Innovation Center, guided the “World Café”, in which the 25 invited guests participated, giving their opinion and feedback about the congress, as well as expressing their interest and support for the nomination.


Organizing Partners

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