SKINS Facade Tectonics Newsletter 12/17

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///SKINS Newsletter December 2017, Highlights.


Industry thought-leader Jeff Haber promotes the building facade industry in Worldwide Business

Jeff Haber of W&W Glass is interviewed by Kathy Ireland and discusses performance and aesthetic trends and challenges in facade design and delivery. Dan Shannon of MdeAS Architects discusses the importance of collaboration, innovation and delivery in complex facade programs.

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DesignPhiladelphia selected MERGE as its 2017 signature project

MERGE started the learning process with architecture students and bridged industry in a successful design-build project that nicely demonstrates the many attributes of collaboration.

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Materials science: Reemerging relevance of the primordial ooze

New materials, new processing technologies, and new distribution systems are poised to revolutionize patterns of consumption. Check out how organic raw materials like algae are being used to produce biopolymers with the potential of replacing synthetic polymers derived from non-renewable fossil fuels.

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SKINS welcomes authors!

If you are interested in publishing in SKINS they welcome submissions of original technical & theoretical content broadly related to the building skin. More information is published on their website.

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The Graduate Building Science program at USC

Performance attributes are gradually eclipsing those of appearance as people-centric and zero-impact design comes to dominate practices of buildings and urban habitat. Professor Doug Noble has a message for those interested in preparing for a leadership role in the emerging future of buildings and the built environment.

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Live Workshop – Digital tech applied to facade design and fabrication

Ignacio Fernández Solla, Associate Director at the ARUP Facades group based in Madrid Spain, will present a rare insight on computation and technology, circular economy, internet of things (IoT), energy performance, and energy generation.

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